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Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
I mean.if you insert a new tree,insert everything you would want in that pal.
(trees,grass,flowers,that kinda stuff)
Easer said then done, but if you feel you can prove me wrong. I can email you my hack(for your eyes only) To see what I mean.

Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Are those seashells from Link's Awakening? Ah, memories...

Overall, I like the tile choices. Usually when people try to use a combination of FR/LG tiles and custom tiles, the clash in style is very apparent but you make it look good. Keep up the good work.
Well as a legend of zelda addict lots of my tiles came from their series. Thank you very much, your compliments way heavily. I will continue to try my best, and create a hack worthy of all of your compliments. :D

Originally Posted by Meri-tje View Post
This really sounds cool!

If it's a Fire Red hack will it be playable on the VBA?
Or will it only be for the DS Emulators
(I hate those things and can never get them to be fast)
Um, It's a GBA hack, so yes it would be playable on VBA (A GBA emulator) Or any other software that plays GBA Games.
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