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Originally Posted by Poster View Post
This is WICKED. Even though you can't raise my interest any more, for a moment I think you did. Great job buddy! Also, farfetch'd deserves some love. And you gave it love. Woosome. I'm so eager to play it! ;D
Thank you. :3
Farfetch'd FTW!

Nina's Event

This is an optional event in the upcoming beta (but mandatory in the beta after). You have to help Nina return to her human form. And it isn't as simple as it is with Bill in FR. :3

Fossil Reviving

After the Team Rocket event is cleared in Spring Town, you can talk to this guy to revive any fossils you have. Unlike the other games though, you can't just walk out of the room and he'll have finished. This time, the revival will take time. :3
Pick a berry and you'll have you wait even longer. <:
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