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Quote originally posted by rennir:
Oops. Sorry I wasn't looking. Ok well I think I went through your list so how about a shiny scyther, machamp, Shiny EVd Heracross, and Shiny EVd Charizard? And this is my offer.
Yeah thats cool

Quote originally posted by Im Gay:
Do you still have the shiny jirachi?
Why do people ask this? If its on the thread I have it

Quote originally posted by Raith775:
I have an UT one adamant in an ultra ball. What time are you available to trade? name some time youll be on and ill meet you on here. also if you could clone my shiny snivy when we do the trade too you can keep one for yourself as well.
No problem Raith. Ahh, my avaliablity is never planned kinda just when I can get on. But will probably be on for a lot of tomorrow, so hopefully ill see you on

Quote originally posted by Lifes-A-Beach:
Great! Thank you so much, please don't expect the Zekrom too soon though... It might take 3-4 weeks to get it because I train all my pokemon in my party (my main 5), which takes a long flippin time and I usually only get a chance to play on the weekends.

Also, catching it with a luxury ball will be hard, but I WILL do it for you =)
Thats cool, no rush
Also you'll find you wont have much trouble catching it in a Luxury ball.
Reshiram and Zekrom are set pretty much so you will catch it (if you dont accidently kill them) I caught Reshiram in a Premier ball on my 1st try twice (battery died after 1st time) and Premier balls have the same success rate as the normal pokeball

Quote originally posted by Scraggy:
Hey, are you able to trade now?
My status isnt invisible, so youll be able to see when im online and therefore able to trade
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