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Quote originally posted by Alpha_Spike:
Ah okies cause I need help setting myself up to use my dream team for Black. Thanks anyway :D

Sorry for the inconvience

Quote originally posted by ToWriteLove:
I can trade with 4th or 5th gen if you like, just depends on what Pokemon of mine you want.

Itll have to be 4th gen, i no longer have a 5th gen game

Quote originally posted by iKrm.:
Hey i really need a snivy migit is there anything you want that i can get? im at skyla's gym.

I no longer have 5th gen, sorry

Quote originally posted by Mozarch4:
do u still want these for the heatran and cresselia?

Sure, needs to be a 4th gen trade though

Quote originally posted by Meri-tje:
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hmm okay

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