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Hmm. I just found a diary on my long dead save file on my Red that got deleted. Here it is:
I just beat the Elite 4 for the 15th time! My PokeDex is almost full. I just need Blue to trade a few Pokemon with me! I was bored, so I went home. Mom made me dinner, asked how I was, I told her I was fine. I dug out a Mr Mime, Kadabra, and Chansey out of the PC to help and keep her company around the house. She thanked me and I went outside. I visited Oak's lab. He congratulated me and told me I was going to finish the PokeDex. I went to Blue to nag him to trade but to no avail. I guess he's pretty pissed off that I beat him w/ a critical hit. I hope we will settle and have a pure battle, no crits, no hax, nothing. Just a fair battle. Well see ya later.
That's how I imagine a life in Red/TYSON (the save's name) Unfortunatley, the save was wiped after my bro kicked the N64 and smacked the controller out of my hand.

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