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Chapter Forty-Three
The day of the next Fallarbor Town Contest was upon Cassandra so fast she wasn’t sure how it had gotten there. She put on the dress Karen had picked out for her (a long, light-blue one that slowly turned to pale orange near the bottom—“Long dresses help the Mother Nature look. And no shoes!” Karen had said), pinned her hair up in a bun, and walked into the contest hall with Karen in tow. Cassandra had wanted Swablu to evolve to Altaria before this contest, but it hadn’t happened; she was disappointed, but she had to focus on Finny, with whom she was competing.

Everything went by in a blur—Cassandra’s first battle was against a Nidorina, but Finny quickly won with Mud Bomb and Mud Shot. The poor girl that Cassandra battled next had a Quilava, which would be weak against whichever move Finny threw out. She seemed to resign herself to her fate before Finny hit her Pokémon with Surf.

The next Pokémon was a Pidgeotto, which was a little trickier—none of the Ground-type moves would hit it, so Cassandra had to rely on far-reaching moves like Surf and Aqua Jet to take it down. She was happy to find that wet feathers didn’t fly very well, and her final move was Take Down.

After the third battle, Cassandra went back into the Coordinator’s room to ready herself. A lot of other coordinators were congratulating her; many proclaimed themselves “fans”, which made Cassandra happier than words could express. It was Karen she looked to, however, for support—the girl came tramping to meet her.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself in this next battle,” Karen told Cassandra. “Just keep a steady head, and I’m sure you’ll win.”

“Where’s Tuffly?”

“Keeping our seats. Now go out there and break a leg.”


Cassandra stepped up to the platform, smiling happily, to participate in her final battle. If she won this, she would have to be in Slateport City next week for the Hyper Rank Contest; and then, the next week, Lilycove City for the Master Rank Contest. She hadn’t realized until just now how little time she had.

The girl across the court from her was tall, much taller than Cassandra; she had long, thick black hair held back in a braid, and she wore flowing red pants and a small, sleeveless top. A red veil covered the bottom half of her face, but her dark brown eyes burned and smoked from above it, seeming to pierce Cassandra from across the court. Cassandra narrowed her eyes, attempting to do the same; she let her determination fill her expression. A flicker went across the woman’s eyes.

“And now, the final battle!” the MC boomed from the speakers. “We have here Cassandra Étoile, a repeat challenger from Verdanturf Town!”

Cassandra smiled and waved at the crowd; she distinctly heard Karen’s voice, yelling louder than most of the people. She was surprised and happy to see that some people held cardboard signs aloft; they said things like Cassandra is the best! and Kill ’em with honey-colored hair!

“And battling her is Jasmine Asir of Haruba Desert, all the way from Almia!”

Jasmine appeared to smile with her eyes as she looked around at the cheering crowd. Almia, Cassandra thought, picturing Alyssa along with a faceless tormentor named Karri.

“This battle will determine who wins the Super Rank Contest and goes on to battle in Slateport City! And without further ado…begin!”

“Go, Finny!” Cassandra threw her Poké Ball; Finny leapt out with a cry, turned a small front-flip, and squirted water into the air as he landed, seeming to twirl in a sprinkle of rain.

“And Miss Étoile has gotten off to a good start; look at that points-bar rise!”

Jasmine raised her bare arms above her head and closed her eyes; after a few moments, she brought her right arm around and yelled out, “Medicham!”

A Pokémon shorter than its owner burst from the Poké Ball, doing what seemed to be a roundhouse kick in midair before raising both its arms and drifting, slowly, to the ground.

Cassandra glanced up as the MC yelled something about “fantastic” and saw Jasmine’s yellow bar push to rest just below hers. And then she was in full battle mode; she shifted forward.

“Meditate,” Jasmine said, and, as one, she and her Medicham raised their arms above their heads, pressed their palms together, and lowered their hands to chest-height, closing their eyes. “Mind Reader.”

And then both of them stood stock still. Cassandra assessed the situation—this was an opening; a big, bright, shiny opening, ready-made and just waiting for her to take advantage.

“Finny, Take Down!”

Finny leapt forward gracefully, dashing up to Medicham, closing the distance quickly—

“High Jump Kick.”

Cassandra wasn’t sure how it happened; suddenly, Finny was lying on its side several feet away, and Medicham was standing a foot in front of where it had been, arms by its side, feet shoulder-width apart, and staring at Finny as he got to his feet.

Crap, Cassandra thought. Finny glanced over at her, awaiting orders. She wasn’t sure. Was it better to get close, attack it at point-blank range? Did its weakness lie close to it?

“Force Palm,” Jasmine said in a soft voice. Medicham sprang toward Finny and put its open hand on Finny’s head; and then Finny was flying backwards.

We need ranged attacks, Cassandra decided immediately as her points-bar crept downward. Luckily, Finny turned a backflip and landed upright, taking no damage from the fall. “Finny, use Mud Bomb!”

Finny found the place it had initially landed from its Poké Ball entrance; the ground was soft and muddy here, thanks to the rain it had created; he slapped his front fins against it and squirted water at the mud that flew up, creating a sort of bomb that soared across the court and slammed into Medicham’s face.

Cham!” The thing fell backwards, hitting the ground.

“Get up!” Jasmine called as her points-bar fell. “High Jump Kick!”

Medicham attempted to clear the mud from its eyes before jumping up and soaring towards Finny; Finny ducked, and Medicham crashed into the ground.

“Medicham kept going and crashed!” the MC yelled excitedly.

“Aqua Jet!” Cassandra yelled.

“Vacuum Wave!”

Medicham turned and spread its arms; a strange rush of air hit Finny, and he tumbled backwards. The point-bar edged downward.

For some reason, this really made Finny angry. He got up on all fours and bellowed; and then he began to glow.

“What?” the MC cried. “What’s going on? Oh—the Marshtomp is evolving!”

Cassandra grinned hugely as Finny’s shape changed; he grew larger, more hulking, and the fin on his head broadened. He stood up on his hind legs as the light faded away, revealing a dark-blue, intimidating Swampert that towered over Medicham.

Finny bellowed and let loose a huge stream of water that mingled with the mud in the ground; he slammed his fins down, and the mix rose and covered Medicham completely.

Medicham fell back in the tidal wave of Muddy Water. Jasmine’s points-bar pushed dangerously low, and she seemed to be desperate. “Medicham, use Drain Punch!”

Medicham’s fist began to glow, and he moved quickly, but his move missed Finny by inches. Instead, he tripped over a small mound of mud and landed with a splat on his face.

Jasmine’s points-bar was now nonexistent. Cassandra felt a little bad for her—tripping face-first into mud was about the least graceful thing anyone could do.

“Miss Asir’s points are down to zero! Cassandra Étoile wins the Fallarbor Town Super Rank Contest!”

“Yes!” Cassandra yelled, punching the air. She hadn’t even had to let her hair out of its bun—Finny’s skill (or perhaps Medicham’s lack of grace) had won it for her.


To: dingdongbelle, thompson_alyssa
From: dancing_through_life
Subject: I WON!!!

Sorry I can’t write more, but I’ve got to hurry and pack up…the Slateport City contest is NEXT WEEK (o.0), and I need to get there soon enough to start my training!


Cassandra XD
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