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Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post
genious work..loving the graphics and the storyline, and the fact that gym badges and elite four are not obligatory for the stoyline, oh and sweaaatttt fakemon dude !!!

gd luck on this
i'm definately visiting again...
Thanks a lot! I thought it was time we broke the mold, so in order to complete the storyline, you don't need to defeat the gyms at all. Of course, if you want to fight the E4 after the main story, you'll need to defeat either Gyms or Colosseums.

Originally Posted by PaulUrchin View Post
Hmm, nice work, but i'm getting problems with the battles, whenever My beloved... Psychic thing, takes damage the game crashes with this error message:

Script 'PBDebug' line 24; Errno::ENOENT occurred.

No such file of directory - Data/debuglog.txt


So err... is this a known issue?
[Un]fortunately, it is. I'm working on fixes for this; I would recommend you to try the first demo out meanwhile, since the new new one only has simple graphic updates.