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Quote originally posted by ToWriteLove:
Alright, what would you want for those four then? (Page 6)

Anything is fine, im not really fussed in 4th gen trades.
At the moment I dont have spare box room, so I end up tossing a lot of what is traded to me

Quote originally posted by Mozarch4:
great just let me know when u wana do the trade

Whenever we are both online, i cant promise certain times sorry

Quote originally posted by PinkPirate:
I am looking for clones of the Gamestop event shiny dog trio, a shaymin with the flower, and uxie. A flawless ditto, foreign would rock, and a shiny ditto. Is it possible to request names?
Also, you helped me complete my HGSS pokedex earlier this month. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT!!
These, minus the flawless ditto, are for my sister (what can't connect her DS to the FC).
What would you like for them? My dex is yours to command.

I can give you them, but it will all be 4th gen
Also Shaymin doesnt hold the Gracidea its a Key Item.
Just let me know if you are on DPPt or HGSS and ill set you up with the one you need

Quote originally posted by Lifes-A-Beach:
Hey Migit78, I just noticed your update a little late about no more Gen V... so, does that mean no more trade? or are we still on?

If it was a 5th gen trade then yes its off sorry.
If they are 4th gen pokes I can trade them to you 4th gen and youll need to move them yourself

Quote originally posted by Esoj:
Hey I'm interested in your shiny Charmander and your shiny Beldum.
I can offer a shiny Skarmory in return for one of those, and a shiny Aron in exchange for the other. You can pm me, this is my White FC Esoj 0647 5531 7115

Yeah, ill do that trade ill send the PM out next time im on, as ill be off again shortly

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