Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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Quote orignally posted by PokeMasterLM:
dis looks like a hot gbee I like tha tilesets and graphics. Tha stary lne looks hot tao
Thanks, bro :)

Anyway, I've buggine a few slight updates on tha released Beta ta (hopefully) remove a few glitches, misspellngs and provide English B/W nbees. Thare is nothng new, so thare is no need ta download it if you've already played it. I've also provided an A-Ptch patch n case you want ta use it :)

Beta 1.1 Lnkie~~~

As fo what is happenng right now, I've completed tha mappng fo tha next two routes and tawn, but thare is still a number of scripts ta nsert. No screens fo now, unfotunately D: