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Quote originally posted by teejermiester:
Ah. I'll be playing beta 3 then, and see how that is.

I know how you feel with re-building everything. My (soon-to-be-on) hack has been deleted, demolished (by me), rebuilt, and demolished multiple times. But, it does usually fix the hack
Yeah, it usually does Like this one.
Quote originally posted by Fezao4:
Where can I Download it.Because I think its a really good hack.Who Mikachu!!Is Mew whit Pikachu right.Wow awesome!Good luck! And yes, it is.
Quote originally posted by NarutoActor:
Your hack has come a long way diego, it is looking very nice. I like the new title screen it is unique in that the pokemon is on the left side, and is showing it's back.(In stead of the conventional front view) I like the pal changes in the Oke intro (and presumably the tile map too). However, I dislike your overworld character. It looks like a blue version of the original hero. I'm glad that you have incorporated D&N it's a nice touch, and adds to the realism of the game. I like the dynamic storyline but try to stay away from a walk-through. Also I'm not a big fan of forced starter pokemon, but it unique, as most people do the choice of 3. I think your lacking in ideas for your 'evil team' so you say vague things about them, that just seems meaningless to the readers. Try developing a side story for them. I feel like your storyline starts off okay but then becomes ambiguous. You should try developing a more interesting plot that people can get excited for; and stur up emotions. Overall I find this to be a very interesting hack, I hope you address the things that I brought up, and you can find my post to be beneficial. This hack is getting better, and better every time I visit; you have my full utmost support.

Thanks for the long message. Your constructive criticism really helped.
A lot of your complaints are adressed in the Beta 2 Redux, though!
Quote originally posted by Konekodemon:
Here is something I made for the Pokedex page for Mikachu on the offical site. This would look much better then that small sprite image there:

And here's something else I did in my spare time.

Nice, thanks. Although, what's with the forest on the bottom one, and I changed the title screen since that version.

And now... What you've all been waiting for for two years (about)...
Updates - 4/5/2011

It's here. The day is finally here.
I told myself that I would get the new version out quickly... and here it is!
Download in the first post!

I can't believe it any more than you can. :D
PS: A ton of stuff is just temporary, like the Psytric overworlds and all the gym leader sprites.

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