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Name: Genevieve

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearence: Genevieve looks like a normal Ninetails. She wears a blood red thick ribbon loosely around her neck. Her eyes are a really dark blue, they are sometimes mistaken for being pitch black. At the very tip of her nine tails is a very faint red spot. Each spot is about 5 inches wide.

Personality: Genevieve is usually soft spoken, unless she's in battle. Her personality changes when she's in battle. So much that people have known to say she has a spilt personality. Genevieve doesn't care what they say, and she goes along with the split personality thing. She actually uses it to mess with the people that bad mouth her. Despite that, Genevieve is actually kind-hearted. Just not a lot of people try to get close to her, so they don't see that side of her.

Bio: Genevieve's father, a bull headed Rhyhorn, left Genevieve's mom, and herself when Genevieve was born. Because of this Genevieve thought, and still does, that her father left because of her. Genevieve's mom always tried to convince her that that wasn't true but Genevieve wouldn't listen. She got into her first fight when she was ten. It wasn't a war fight, it was that someone was talking about her father and she hit him. (This is when the conspiracy of her having a split personality first came into play.) Genevieve evolved into Ninetails when she was twelve. She first noticed she had psychic abilities when she was thirteen. Genevieve may have pyshic powers but it is only a little bit and it is weak. The most she can do is hold a small object in the air for a minute. (I will take out the pyshic ability of you wish.)

Pokemon: Ninetails

Move Set: Extransensory
Dark Pulse
Sleep Talk

I hope this is ok. :]
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