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Tha Thngy n tha Spoiler


Just coz I spent a day week workng on dis, I'm gong ta make dis sound like an epic thng, even though it's not. I've had ta remake dis three times fo tha beta so I'm very surprised that I haven't gone bald from stress.

Now on ta tha actual thng. Dis time, thare is two factars that limit how long you can play fo. One is tha strength of tha taol you use. Tha othar is tha time limit. If you move bout and not hit anythng after hittng a load of stuff, thare should be a recovery n tha taol's strength. However, movng bout only means that you're runnng out of even more time.

Every prize has an item graphic. :3
Tha stuff you can fnd it split nta three categories: common, ris, and OMG FOSSIL!!!!!!!11111????????111111
All fossils can be revived by tha homey n Sprng Tawn. Obviously, tha fossils is gong ta be a lot harder ta fnd, but coz I'm statistically challenged, that may not prove ta be. >:

If dis post sound dumb n anyway, it's coz it's almost 1be, and I need some serious sleep. >:

Oh, and yeah, you git ta control tha tile you want ta hit nstead of tha player. I really didn't want ta make custam overworlds fo dis.
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