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OK I have nothing better to do today so I'm updating.
And I'll do a little of GSC and RBY today...

1) Item Finder DOES help. After you catch 30 Different Pokmon, go to east of Vermilion City, and go to the top of the lookout. Oak's Aide will give you an Item Finder for your efforts. If you are looking for items such as Rare Candies and you can't find any more of them in Item Balls, try using Item Finder. Item Finder affects the entire screen that's showing. If you move up so there is one more space. It will have a different affect.
An example is in Underground Path. Use Item Finder to find an item. If you move five spaces up or down, this changes the screen, therefore, you may find different items *Hopes it wasn't too confusing*. Once you have got an item in trace, push A until you find it!

2) Having trouble training your Pokmon? Get an EXP Share. At the top of the lookout west of Fuchsia City and talk to Oak's Aide. If you have 50 different Pokmon, he'll give you an EXP Share. The EXP Share divides the EXP from the Pokmon beaten and distributes to Pokmon equally. Plus, the lead Pokmon earns its normal EXP!

3) Easy Pokmon. To get some Pokmon easily, get coins from the Casino. Some Pokmon you can only get from the Casino.
~List Coming Soon~

4) Think before you ink! XD In other words, think before teaching moves to Pokmon. You can only learn up to four moves. And any moves you forget may not be able to be relearnt.
Some TMs can only be used once because they are the only ones in the game.
If you use a HM, it cannot be replaced. However, thanks to GSC this problem can now be fixed. Trading a Pokmon to GSC is good because of the Move Tutor.
Sometimes you need correct movesets. Check the movesets section of this forum to get a good moveset.

5) Evolving can be good, yet, sometimes it isn't. Pokmon that evolve by an evolution stone are mainly what this is aimed at. Some Pokmon learn better moves before evolving.
Take Growlithe for example. If it doesn't evolve before learning all moves, it can learn Ember, Leer, Take Down, Agility and Flamethrower. Yet, if you evolve it straight away, it will only know Roar, Ember, Leer and Takedown.
Yet, sometimes evolution IS needed. Take Eevee for example, unless it evolves early, it will only know crud moves. Keep this in mind.

1) Trial and Error is the key. Take the Underground Basement in Goldenrod City for example. There are switches around. You have to get three of them in the right order. This is the key!
Then you have other things such as Price's gym. This involves quite a bit of thinking. But remember: Trial and error.

2) Assess the situation and then attack.
In battles, especially in the improved series of Pokmon (GSC in other words), it is important to assess the situation. Think before you ink! XD. Take Gengar for example. In RBY, it was just a Ghost type and you could attack it head on with a Psychic type. Now, you have to use a different type because it is Dark, making it resistant to Psychic.

3) Do the side quests. Doing the side quests can make the game easier. Take the Magnet Train for example. This speeds up the time it takes to get to Kanto from Johto. This is alot faster. Not to mention, if you get the Ticket from the Mimic Girl (Find her doll) then you can ride and it is quick. Also, you can get the Pok Flute channel (Accessable only in Kanto) and can wake up Snorlax.

That's all of my wisdom for today! Enjoy!
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4) If there is a drought go looking for a cave and you may find Groudon.
5) If you see a Lugia tell me or Eliana.

More next week!

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