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sho neewaysh i shed i wud writ stoofs don abou tom'sh shapta, hmm?
bu' i wosh troooooooooble have coz tommyboy granmark more goody than marshinman an i's not ewesda zat.
shpindas foe tea world!

... and now to CONFUSE YOUR CAT! ... um...

and now to CONFUSE VENUS!

Apparently PC doesn't like the idea of me attempting to confuse fictional characters and small, cuddly animals. Or is Venus a small, cuddly animal? o.O


k, so the first thing is the FIRE.
How do you light the sea on FIRE? I mean, I can see how you could light Duncan's lawn on FIRE (Entei), or set a Tailow and a person on FIRE (petrol and FIRE-type attacks), and Ponyta are on FIRE already.
But how the hell do you light the *ocean* on FIRE?
See, I'm going to have to draw a picture to work this out now. Expect picture of things on FIRE to turn up at some stage.

The lack of Johnson came to his mind as well, but he was considerably less concerned about that fact.
But Johnson just saved him (albeit by accident) from being arrested! Surely they are now the best of friends? :P

Yeah, I love how confused you made Wes by bringing Rui and Tom down to The Under. Is that Shroomish even Tom's? And where did he get that traffic cone from?
Maybe Tom is secretly part of Orre's road police department! :o

This is actually as far as I managed to play on Colosseum, because I only ever played it at a friend's house and he didn't have any space for me to save. xD

Megg and Bitt were the names of the other members
Meg and Bitt = Megabit?

Nett thought back to how they had first encountered the man themselves and shuddered to Rui’s interest and confusion.
To my interest and confusion, too. :P

I find it odd that Tom just happened to find such data like that but I guess some things just shouldn’t be questioned, he continued to muse as he turned on a lamp and then adjusted its lampshade.

“Oh hey, I heard everyone...where did you all go?” he said, before checking underneath the bed. “Nope, not there...this is a mystery!”
Detective Johnson is on the move!

Meanwhile, two very sunburnt and tired men limped into Phenac City, moaning to each other as they walked. Every step they had taken had hurt, and they were also covered in sharp spikes sticking from their clothing – the reminders of an unfortunate encounter they had with the rare Cacnea.
Those BASTARDS! They managed to actually encounter a Cacnea? @.@

“BUT YOU’RE KIDNAPPERRRRRSSSS!” the woman explained. “AND KIDNAPPERS ARE BAD PEOPLE-ARRGH, WATER, MY ONE WEAKNESS!” she shouted suddenly as Folly irritably splashed some water at her, which unexplainably sent her running off.
I've been thinking about this lady a lot, actually. What type has water as its one weakness? Because Ground is weak to other things, Fire is weak to other things and Rock is also weak to things aside from Water. Is she, like, ??? type or something?

And is the "BUT I'M THE MAYOR" house-stealing lady related to her? xD

“Oh, he’s smart,” Folly conceded quietly to Trudly.
He's, like, the smartest Orre native ever!

“Ah, there you all are! I was wondering-ow!” he cried as Makuhita turned and punched Johnson out of the way.
Detective Johnson is no longer on the case.

For some reason, the Spinarak actually made me laugh more than I did at any other thing in this chapter. xD

and Makuhita simple charged in and kicked the Gloom in the face just to be different
Either Tom is writing this or you probably meant "simply".

“Espeon! Espi Espeon-” (Oh, that time! Yes, they ended up with a strange fear of the colour yellow which caused them to scream every time-) Espeon began eagerly to weave a tale, making sure his thoughts were understandable to the Cipher Peons.
Psycho-chromatic torture? xD

“Well...” Johnson said, putting his hand to his chin while trying to think for such an instance. “Oh, this once I did think I was wrong about something, but I was mistaken!” With that he walked over to stand guard in front of the pen, while Wes face-palmed.
Johnson is a magnet for face-palms. And face-desking. And occasionally face-cocoa.

“Worry donty!” Tom said, bounding after them happily. “I nowy anyfunk abit supamunna’s advuntisemunts!” he declared.

“Tom, all your stories involve fire in them,” Nett muttered as Tom grinned happily.
Now I see how this ties in with Tom's Retelling. xD
Although fire *was* legitimately involved in supamunna's advuntisemunts this time.

The first random woman shouting 'kidnapper' isn't based on anyone (bar maybe the typical Team Plasma grunt in Black/White =p) but the second one is - there is a random woman on the 2nd level in the mayor's house who...really doesn't do anything of note and feels out of place. Hence her housestealing attempt in the chapter!
Maybe she's just a down-on-her-luck housekeeper?

Anyway, that was a fun read (as usual) and I'm looking forward to your next chapter.