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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
Nope, I sprited them myself there for, I got the basic concept down, but they are not professional enough to be inserted into my hack. This hack really can use a talented spriter (chibi robo I'm looking at you.) When this hack get a talented hacker then we will fix the fakemon, and post them.

It's been a while since I added screenshots, so I thought I would update my hack, and show my followers that this hack is constantly being worked on.

This screenshot shows you, where you obtain your starter pokemon. It also indicates that you would have more then the normal 3 choices. I have chosen to allow the player a choice of 12 starter pokemon (Every starter from Gens 1-4).

Showing off the stage I made.

This screen shot was taken to show that you name your rival in game.
Credit: Jambo

This is the new bridge I have been working on. It is appose to be a huge bridge made of brick. This is just a small section of the bridge that I completed, there is more screens to come from the bridge.

Also a big shot out, and thanks to Diegoisawsome, for his 3 layer hack. These latest screenshots would not have been possible without that hack. So please check out his hack too; it is very well done. I beta tested it myself, and the new beta is at the 3rd gym.
Nice updates. I was planning to do that too to have all starters from every region available for choosing at the start..haha..
And the bridge look nice, love it, hope i can see abit more of the bridge, want to see how it really looks like.
And what do you mean by Diegoisawsome 3 layers hack? was just curious.