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As it stands, I'm working with Eightkit Studios on Pokémon: Pacific Blue, but this was an off the cuff idea that a few of us had that we felt we'd share.

We are all aware that Pokémon is a game where you can get up to six in a team and use them to battle various trainers, gym leaders, and the E4, etc.

What if the mechanics were changed drastically?

What if, instead, (and the devil is in the details here) you played in a full 3D environment, and battles were real time, and you could physically control your Pokémon. If PP counters were (maybe) replaced by energy bars, etc.

This is something I've always had in the back of my mind since the first time I played Pokémon Stadium, and to me it still sounds like it would be loads of fun.

(Also, a lot of us were thinking maybe Gen I Pokémon only, because to do all of them would take insane amounts of work.)

Sidenote: We were also brainstorming ways to make it work, like maybe you play as one Pokémon (with opportunities to unlock/switch to others) and, with netplay, you could form online "teams" of up to six for co-op play.

We're currently swamped with Pacific Blue, but I just wanted to throw this idea out there, and if anyone would like to pick it up, I would love you. Forever.
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