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Amazing idea, but when people can barely finish creating one 2D game, the chances of us seeing something to rival Nintendo on a 3D scale are pretty slim.

People have been wanting this from Nintendo for a while. Full 3D would be a bit sort of impossible without lots of resources (or money) at your disposal. I remember a few that were in development for years before they kind of faded out. Even Gen 1 models would take forever. That's 151 models, 151 textures, 151 animations (walk, run, attack, special attack, faint, damaged, etc) for JUST the Pokemon, not even including buildings, trainers, etc.

And at that point you're just better off developing your own game where you could make a profit. However, there are a few games being developed with realtime battles and online components. I am doing exactly that, but in 2D, and I know a few others that have done this already.
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