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Originally Posted by Isom View Post
Bring on the critique!

I'm not a very good mapper, even after reading tons of tutorials on it. So I thought why not post a map of my own and let others tell me what's wrong with it, so here 'goes.

This is the starting town in what I hope to be an upcoming fan-game of mine. I encourage the criticism/critique, just please be kind about it.
okay, here's mine

Lets start with the bad...

-When taking the snapshot, try to make sure the grid isn't over it, it hurts the actual picture.
-Its a bit open. Too much space thats just simply empty. Not a lot on the side of too open, just a bit.
-Its too, 'blocky', as in a lot of the stuff is square, rectangled shaped. Usually the best maps do what they can to avoid this, and only use it occasionally throughout a game.
-It looks like you're combining tiles from different Generations of Pokemon. This is often suggested against because of how awkward many look together.
-Paths seem very random in the town.

The good...

-Looks well made. No tile errors from what I can tell.
-For the size I believe would be best, the small ornaments around the town seem to be in a good number

Overall, the mapping skills seem pretty good, its just that the creativity and structure of the town isn't shining through as much as you'd want to.

And that's what i have to say. Take it however you'd like.

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