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Before I put my own claims in, I'd like to point out that you forgot your own claims. (b'-')b

Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I'm going to edit in my claims too. <3

EDIT: Almost forgot to alphabetize. :x

Flygon ★ Miss Doronjo
Milotic ★ Miss Doronjo
Raichu ★ Miss Doronjo
Seviper ★ Miss Doronjo
Togekiss ★ Miss Doronjo
Wobbuffet ★ Miss Doronjo
As for my claims:

Alakazam ★ donavannj
Blaziken ★ donavannj
Chandelure ★ donavannj
Espeon ★ donavannj
Jolteon ★ donavannj
Mewtwo ★ donavannj
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