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Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post
The Oracle in which the Chosen one will go and start their Journey of Regeneration! :D

... Yeah idk either. :( But I want more bacon now, because you keep mentioning Bacon mines, and I just had bacon yesterday. This is also making me want to play CivIV... but on a lower difficulty because I fail at the game. XD;

... I wish. I could totally not worry about Napoleon being my neighbor if that were the case.

I haven't had bacon in over a month. ;;

Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
I liked the ruse tho :(

Still I founded Christianity so I win :D

That aside are you going to be aggressive or???
It was boring me and hard to keep up. :(

You want a religion as early as possible. :V

I'm actually pretty passive in my games. Probably way too passive.


Game 1 Update 6: NOT YOU AGAIN. >:(


Oh, look! I found a goodie hut!

And St. Petersburg grew culturally.

Why are the goodie huts giving me so much gold this game?


Now I think I'll go for agriculture since I've got two farms inside my borders.

And a Turn 50 overview of my nation. Moscow's borders got bigger again.

That's a pretty ominous proclamation to receive considering that's one of Gandhi's warriors just above the box for the announcement.

And now I can build farms to make my cities grow even faster.

If I'm going to keep expanding, I'm going to need a monastery or two so I can produce missionaries to make sure my state religion goes to all of my cities.


But I cannot afford a war, so I offer peace for now.

Aw, crap. Not this prick, too. >:( I really don't like most of my neighbors so far this game. I have bad histories with them from past files.

Still, I need to make peace for now.

End Update 6.

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