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He cried for the first time in 14 years. But water flowing from these eyes were signs of weakness. The purple aura had teleported him away. Who had done such a thing? He could have finished the Zangoos, right then and there. He held him in the palm of his hand. But his chance had been taken by someone. He looked up, his eyes widening at who was before him. Adriadne? The 3rd General eyed him, her head bobbing as she spun him around. The Gardevoir started to speak but paused as if trying to find words. He had experienced this before with Gardeille.

"You didn't fail. In fact, the Grand Master is proud with your performance. But now he wants you to perform a different quest. You have allowed the Zangoose to become confused. Lex will take the City much easier now."

"Thank you, for your kind words. How is Gardeille?"

"No time for that now." his thoughts stopped flowing as she said these words. What had become of his beloved brother? "The Grand Master is not watching. Is there something you wish to tell me?"

"No...No, not right now at least..." he stuttered, lies and guilt were no match for his surperior mind stregnth.

She stared at him, "Why lie? You are eventually going to express your true emotions to me, aren't you?" She was easily aware of her powers and how easily she could control this mind. But something was stopping her.

The Gardevoir flashed her dress, at relaxed, he beautiful curves taking Alex in. Alex had always found Adriadne attractive, but this was beyond love, this was control. She was trying to control him with her powers. But he fought back. "No, no, I have nothing to tell you. But if you turn your powers on me again, you will be killed Adriadne Asteride."

Adriadne seemed shocked, "Well then it is time for your next quest. Goodbye Alex." and she sent him away, knowing everything she wanted to know.

2 hours later, a broken down Roserade walked into the city protected by Trent the Kaiser. His head bowed and broken he fell. As a familiar person runs to him and picks him up.

"Let the mission begin."