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Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
I type the BB-Code.

Anyway, I suppose this is useful for people who are just learning to script, but my problem is that a lot of people can now make a full hack without putting in any effort at all, which makes proper scripting seem pretty pointless. And as Gira said, this is the exact reason GB/GBC hackers look down on GBA hackers. Sorry, but I just can't see this as a good thing.
Are you talking about the credit for the hard work:\?
Let me ask you one Q:

Do you Hack just for Credit?

You wanna make a hack for everyone?

I really Respect those who Really work hard for their hack. They have to spend lot of time for writing a single script. Thinks this way, this tool will make is short and they need small time for scripting. this way they can make very good script and make an even better hack. you know, sometime writing script feel boring, specially when you have to make the same script twice.

If you think it will make script-er Down than it will. No one can change how you feel about. I you feel its bad than its Bad, if you feel its good than its good. So Don't feel down be confident.
that's all I can say.

Fro the last time I would like to say:
Everyone want an easy way out even if you deny it.
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