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Name: (Pokémon Trainer) Arthur “Ace” Rourke
Age: 15

Personality : Arthur Rourke goes by Ace because he does little more than play cards. He doesn’t like to over exert himself but he rides to and fro Kenrith City everyday for his job unloading the trucks at the pokémart. He doesn’t like to do much, he just hangs out with his friends, plays cards and relaxes. He is open minded and respects, but not necessarily agrees with other peoples views. He is always relaxed, and happy even in the most formal situations. The only times when he isn’t like that is when he or his friends and family are in danger. He dislikes very little but one of the things he strongly dislikes is being told what to do. He doesn’t express or show his discontent when this happens he just doesn’t do the task. He also dislikes rudeness. He is generally very polite, but when he is confronting someone who has been rude to him or to someone innocent, he retaliates by getting in their face and listing the thousands of other things they could’ve done. He is always content except for when his longing to train a Pokémon creeps into his mind.

Yes, he goes preferably by Ace or Arthur but he could also go with Art, Arty or anything else that isn’t ridiculous. He is generally treated kindly because he usually doesn’t confront people so there is often a mutual respect between him and another. He sometimes fights with his older brother though. His brother is seventeen and his complete opposite, that’s probably why they fight. He views life as something that should be lived to make yourself and others happy. His major downfall is that he always tries to be the hero. That, and he can be too selfless. He would give his life to save another’s anyday.

If Arthur were asked, “So what do you think about Team Paradox?” He would say something along the lines of, “Who?”. But, If he knew who they were he would be immensely unsettled by what they do. In his eyes, life should never be taken no matter what the circumstances.

Appearance : Arthur is tall and muscular but not ripped he just has a muscular build from unloading boxes all day. He wears a plain white T- Shirt under a short sleeved, black, cargo jacket. He wears regular blue jeans, usually naturally faded from use and wear. He has skateboarding shoes with worn soles and he has red laces that cover the black tongue of the shoe.
His messy, but otherwise straight, black hair reaches down to just below his ear in the back. He grows out his bangs so that they reach his eyebrows in the front. His hair goes slightly over his ears. His face is defined and handsome. He has a straight nose and hazel eyes that have a calming effect when met. His jaw is wide and appears to be clenched. He is taller than average but only slightly.

Starter Pokémon:
Lvl 5
Nickname: A (Yes, the letter.)
Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder wave
Ability: Shed skin
Gender: Male

History: Arthur has led an easy life. He goes in and out of Kenrith every day for his job but not once has he heard of team twilight. You’d think that after years of being right by the Pokémon Ranger HQ all day he would have at least heard of them. He likes to take it easy and he’s had it that way.

He personally hasn’t had any experience handling Pokémon. He does however; enjoy watching the league fights on television all the time. For as long as he’s known about them. He only feels sad when he notices that he probably wasn’t meant to lead an exciting life, his parents don’t want him to be a Pokémon trainer. They want him to live a desk life, as a respected business man. He feels that this sort of life would be like living in a monotonous circle with the only end being getting old and retiring. He wants to see the world and go on an adventure. He plans on running away as soon as he gets a Pokémon.

Theme Music: Unimportant NPC battle/ wild Pokémon: Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) by Diggable Planets
Important battle: Shiki no Uta – Minmi (From Samurai Champloo outro)

I know that neither is battle-ish but he’s chill all the time so no need for exciting songs.

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