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"How do you know who I am?" he quickly pieced together a sentence.

"Do you not remember me? I am the old woman you saved from the fire in the nearby mountain village, Elvena. After you saved me, I fled here. News spread that you had been punished severely but it's good to know you are fine now."

Alex tried not to panic. Where was Gardeille? Is that why Adriadne didn't tell him where his brother was? Had he gotten in trouble? "I-I'm sorry, I don't recall what happened that day. Could you refresh my memory?"

"Oh, of course I can. Well, I had finished feeding the Ratatas when the Earth shook. I heard screams and grabbed my Ratatas and ran outside my home just as a giant bolder fell upon it. Then you were there, looking spectacular, and saved me as fire tore through the mountain"

The mountain went up in flames? Alex had heard about that. No survivors. He looked at the Vileplume one more time, his thoughts cleared. She was kind and gentle; she had done no wrong, yet she was destined for capture. She was the perfect vivtim. He felt...guilt once again, as if he had to intervene.

"Listen, Elvena... I'm not who you think I am. I will tell you to run once more. Run to Gerothyme Hill. The Neoverse is not to attack that area. Hur-"

She looked terrified and he knew she had learned the truth. "Y-you...You're the rumored general aren't you? You aren't my beloved Gardeille. Leave! Get out! Please...!?"

"I don't want to hurt you!"

"N-no! Get away from me! Get away!"

She ran for the door but he knew he couldn't let her escape. She had learned too much. "If my son...if he was here, he could hurt you terribly. Ambros!"

That was her last word as she tripped over a fallen tea cup and hit her head. She had a gnarled expression on her face but she was still breathing. He wrapped her in healing vines and cleared her mind with psychic. His mission had already gone the wrong way. He turned to run out of the house until he saw a dark shadow, in the shape of absol. It shifted away as Alex began to hear some voices through the wall. A familiar Zangoose's voice sifted in through the house.

The absol jumped from dead log to dead log through the forest. He had been watching Alex for a while now, he had learned the secret of the Generals. He had heard of the woman...Elvena's escape and he came to see if it was true. It wasn't possible, but she was alive. Scared and angry at the same time, Ambros the Absol fled from his injured mother.