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Quote originally posted by Karpman:
Wow, Chess Challenge does seem quite fun, ngl. Anyhow, I saw a bit of dicussion about emulators on the previous page and the thought of hacking tools came up. So, have you guys ever used a hacking tool to complete a challenge, and if so, which ones? I've used YAPE and the 4th/5th Gen Evolution Editor to evolve things like Gigalith, A-Starter for a Larvitar solo run, and A-Map, as well as the Advanced Series, so that I could use a Sandile in FireRed.
I use Pokesav mostly when I need to evolve stuff in HG/SS or D/P/Pt that require trades, although I haven't done it for a while. That last time I did that was for a Bug run on Platinum when I evolved Scyther into Scizor once I got the Metal Coat.

What does YAPE do, and where can I get the evo editor?
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