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I use PokeGen....alot.

When ever I want to do a happiness evolution I just put it's Happiness at max so I won't waste time, I mean it isn't cheating, because if it was on a DS I would have done 30,000 laps around Hearthome anyways.

I also do challenge revolving around PokeGen like a Nuzlocke where I have to have a RNG'd Team of GenI Pokemon,GenII Pokemon,GenIII Pokemon, GenIV Pokemon, Gen V Pokemon, and Legendary. Then if one dies I have to RNG another one for it's region, oh and no cross gen evolutions like Scizor or Mamoswine.

Also, I want to post my Chess Updates so bad, but I'm the thread owner, and no one posted yet, and you can't double post on PC unless your Sydian so yeah I'm dissapointed.
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