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Yar, I be done with Bug on Crystal.

Red's Snorlax was actually one of the easiest Pokemon I faced. He went down in 2 Sludge Bombs.

Missed Pryce and Karen, but here are my screenhots of progress:

And, the team:

Goldeen was on the team for a brief while, but was boxed along with Hoppip when I was E4 Grinding, just to make the credits go by a little faster. I needed Hoppip back for Flash when I was fighting Red, but Goldeen stayed boxed.

Final Comments: Holy Magikarp. Aragog. He was a beast. Too bad I didn't have the Poison Barb for him, because Sludge Bomb was tearing through everyone. He had a decently strong Hidden Power (water type) that really helped against every Fire Type I faced, as well as those Rock/Ground types. He's definitely my MVP.

Red Ranger was great too. He was only not MVP because of how beast Aragog was. On any given team he definitely could have been an MVP. He got lots and lots of experience off of Lance, who he could solo with Thunder and Ice Punch quite early in his career as a Dragon Slayer.