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I was wondering if it would be okay to request a sav file? If so, the stuff I want is below. It's based on the file I did have on my Pearl cartridge, plus a little extra. I would make it, but I haven't yet learned the way of Pokesav fully.

Pokemon Pearl
Player's name: Kaleigh
Playing time : Whatever is reasonable.
Number of Badges: 8, plus beat Champion
Location (this means location in game ): Home
Team ): Name, Nature @ Item [Moves] (Please be "clean" EV-wise, or have all the berries I would need to get rid of any EVs.)
Frosslass, Timid @ Focus Sash [Taunt. Spikes, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball]
Gallade, Naughty/Mild @ Life Orb, [Psycho Cut,Close Combat,Double Team,Protect]
Swampert, Naughty/Mild @ Life Orb [Bite,Mud Bomb.Hydro Cannon.Earthquake]
Three Pokemon that would fit with those three, with good natures and movesets.
Pokémon in box:
  • Event Pokemon (if you go to there's tons of event pokemon)
  • Shiny Umbreon, good moveset
  • Shiny Espeon, good moveset
  • Perfect/Close-to IV'd Japanese Ditto, every nature
Additional information: Example: Have the Pokeradar, please, as well as lots of useful items.