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Quote originally posted by Liquid Halo:
So I have started a Leaf Green ROM file, and all my pokemon have poor defense so I want to gameshark some iron into the mart. Does anyone have a working gameshark code for buying any item in a mart?

I have already googled, and only one place I found has one, suoercheats, but it doesn't work.
Were not aloud to give out AR codes here, your best bet is to just Google it. \:

Quote originally posted by jamsoolee:
Hey guys!
I've played Pokemon for years and just now decided to get back on it.
For some reason it just got hella popular among high schoolers in my area.
Anyways, my normal lineup:
- Charizard: Flamethrower, Rock slide, Metal Claw, Wing Attack
- Pidgeot: Ariel Ace, Fly, Wing Attack, Steel Wing
- Garydos: Dragon Rage, Surf, Water Pulse, Bite
- Nidoking: Surf, Strength, Counter, Poison Sting
- Alakazam: Psychic, Psybeam, Future Sight, Shockwave
- Jolteon (Just evolved): Quick Attack, Sand-Attack, Helping Hand, etc...

Anything I should change?
I was thinking about putting in Lapras...
Your team seems pretty balanced, but Gyarados does get shafted a bit since most of his moves are special, so his amazing attack can't take advantage of it. I'd switch for Lapras If I were you.
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