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Originally Posted by Dave_ View Post
If you are using HG/SS overworlds it would make sense to use their running/surfing etc sprites

Hero Running Fishing cycling etc


and the Lapras for Surfing
the thing is, i'm not using the hg/ss heros, i'm using RED, and theres no running etc sprites for him. i guess i could recolour the male hero sprites though

Originally Posted by Dave_ View Post
I did your vs screens, I prefer the first set but they are all simliar, Havign said that you could interchange with the snd style with msot of them, I kep them simliair enough to allow for that
First set is based on colour the second on the corresponding element, Needless to say some of them caused some difficulty..

First Style

Link to album/rest of images: Clicky!

Also went ahead and made a quick Titlescreen and userbar even though you didn't ask (=
i like the first set, but i'm after them for the kanto gym leaders, so brock, misty etc

i like the title screen and userbars. Would you be able to resize the screen to 480x320 though?

Now to see what the vs screens look like in-game

Edit: They look good
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