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Team Fail's Gaming Contact list of doom

Nintendo Wii

Friend Code: 0129-9903-1932-5116
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-Warioware D.I.Y Showcase

Nintendo DS(i)
-Pokemon White: 1893 0491 8098
-Pokemon Heart Gold (J): 4941 6612 2075
-Pokemon Platinum: 0474 3649 7031
-Pokemon Pearl: 1419 8741 9731
-Final Fantasy 3 DS: 2106 4910 7590
-Flipnote Hatena: lostfan
Note that I also have a Flashcard with multiple Wifi games on it. The list above lists games that I physically own. If you need a Friend Code from a game on the flashcard, please PM me.

I also have a PSN and a Xbox Live gamertag, but I never use them, so I won't add them.

Kevin, Echidna
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Alt 1, リザードン
Pokémon Hackers Online
Alt 2: Jack Cayman

[04:20.45] <@GoGo> shut it Bela

[05:41.55] <Team_Fail> Blue Spider is interesting, but #MEHMasterRace
[05:42.20] <diegoisawesome> Team_Fail: Sounds like a bunch of unmotivated people that still want to try to take over the world