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Quote originally posted by Kaphotics:
Posting to let you all know about PokeStock's subprogram that allows you to edit the C-Gear skin of your save file.

C-Gear skins are saved into the save file, with encryption as you already know. PokeCGear exports these (probably encrypted) skins in a format ".psk". Poke Skin or whatever. C-Gear skins are 256x192 pixels and can also be exported to bmp format.

Over at Project Pokemon you can find this PokeStock and the translated version, in addition to the C-Gear Skin Exchange Thread where you can download past skins or upload new ones.

C-Gear Skin Exchange Thread
PokeStock Main Download Thread
Kaarosu's Translations of the Subprograms Thread

Hope this information helps in whatever you are trying to do
This might just help. Can't wait to try it.
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