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Quote originally posted by Captain Fabio:
"You founded Christianity" 8D!
You should try and get some video entries going if you can!

Keep it up!
But videos take effort. ;;


Updating since I'm up so late anyways.

Game 1 Update 12: Holding Our Ground! Kinda.


We have Horse Archers now! :D We'll go for Code of Laws next, for them Courthouses!

Let's build a monastery. We'll need those missionaries after the war.

I quite like this deal!

Being assaulted by the French.

Cleaning up the last of the French in this first round of invasions.

No Open Borders! >:(

Got a Great Prophet! \o/

****. A stack of doom. O_O;;

And I'm building the Church of the Nativity anyways.

Being assaulted again.

And I fall flat on my face assaulting the French invaders.

End Update 12.
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