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Originally Posted by M-ourad View Post
NO$GBA is faster and have a lot of plug-ins and eazier and mooooore then Dsmeum
the reason why it has many plugins is because its outdated.. people who made the plugins are those who kind enough to do so

if you know how to tweak desmume you'ld be able to run pokemon games at 99% speed in comparison to a real ds
graphically NO$, is on a big disadvantage as it does not have 3d edge marking support that's why hackers made a code to disable it
it also lack certain load binaries that is why hackers also made a corresponding code for it

Originally Posted by Distance View Post
no$GBA seems to be more up-to-date then Desmume...
Desmume is also slow... and is a kinda wreckless Emulator.
No$GBA has only one con about it - Size.
but no$zoomer would help you out there, so win win.
No$Gba wins - IMO
Desmume was never slow in running pokemon games. and FYI No$ was last updated in 2008 by Martin Korth(the creator). Desmume is updated almost every week with Stable releases (0.9.5,0.9.6,0.9.7). it has SVN's or better known as sub-revisions, some sub-revision even have Wi-fi GTS support
another advantage of desmume is that you dont need any plugins.

I was No$Gba user once, but I moved to DeSmuMe because it is simply a Better Emulator and In Fact THE BEST as of the time being

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