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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
Okay for those who said the colors where clashing. I can understand where your coming from, because you can't see the whole bridge. But the brick changes pallets nicely.

Also I will like to thank everyone who posted their opinion on choice A or B. And with much consideration, I have made a new choice. C. Which incorperates both A and B (And is my new favorite)

Easter Egg! This date has signifigance, I am wondering if any of you addict pokemon players can figure it out.

Just so you guys know I have been working on this hack like a madman. Even though I had a 6hr work day I manidge 13 scripts :D (Some were cpu scipts for the towns.)

Has anyone noticed that in FR when you get into a trainer battle, the trainer walks up to you, and the battle starts. You don't turn to look at them. This is not a problem in ruby, I think gamefreak did this to mirror red, and blue. Well thanks to Jambo, the player now turns to face the trainer before the battle.
hmm... february 27 1996.... the day red and blue were released???? am i right or no?