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Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post

These people are your friends when regular production means fail.
I've always had bad luck with adopting slavery. My cities would revolt way too often. :x

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
When starting, I always go for the highest ones like Horseback Riding & Metal Casting, puerly because turns go so quick with only one city then the rest are mere 1-3 turns :)
I usually go for a religion first, myself, and then go military if I fail to get Hinduism, Buddhism, or Judaism, because a religion is pretty much required to win on higher difficulties (you'll go bankrupt if you don't have the revenue a religion brings in from having it's holy building built).


And a quick 5 pic update:


Researching Civil Service for those macemen in the event of another war with my insane neighbor.

And I guess I'm quite a small civ by this world's standards. Well, in terms of land area, that is.

I don't give away freebies. >:(

And I've founded myself another city.

And we'll end this update with an awesome random event. ^_^

End Update 14.
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