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Quote originally posted by mondays suck:

These people are your friends when regular production means fail.

I've always had bad luck with adopting slavery. My cities would revolt way too often. :x

Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
When starting, I always go for the highest ones like Horseback Riding & Metal Casting, puerly because turns go so quick with only one city then the rest are mere 1-3 turns :)

I usually go for a religion first, myself, and then go military if I fail to get Hinduism, Buddhism, or Judaism, because a religion is pretty much required to win on higher difficulties (you'll go bankrupt if you don't have the revenue a religion brings in from having it's holy building built).


And a quick 5 pic update:


Researching Civil Service for those macemen in the event of another war with my insane neighbor.

And I guess I'm quite a small civ by this world's standards. Well, in terms of land area, that is.

I don't give away freebies. >:(

And I've founded myself another city.

And we'll end this update with an awesome random event. ^_^

End Update 14.


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