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Torn between N and Lance. N I loved because of his ideals and how he went through fire and brimstone for everyone to know of his ideals and to go by the, how he stood up for what he believed in..And how easy he was XD. Lance because Dragon types are my second favorite pokemon, behind Grass types <3 Just gotta luuuuurve how overpowered they seem and how they can easily 1HK0 you if your not careful, and he was quite a challenge to beat as well..Plus Dragons look sick (most of em at least) <333.

Quote originally posted by Kenshin5:
N is Champion? I searched it on Bulbapedia and he is not shown under Champions. Sure he beat Alder, but I don't think it was for the Championship title, but more to show everyone his power so they would release their pokemon. And even if he was Champion heck no his philosophical bs is so annoying.

As for my favorite Champ it would be Red(former Champ upon facing him) for Nostalgia sake. Guy has all 3 Kanto starters! And Uberchu what is not too like.

Also topic needs moar poll.

(Sorry for double post..T_T)

N was a champion, he DID beat Alder, albeit not being champion for very long, yet he still WAS champion, and im pretty sure the game even said it..Just because some stupid FAN made website says doesnt means its true. . Sorry again for double posting..

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