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Name: Rachel Yane
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Personality: "Ugh, do I REALLY have to talk about myself? ...Is this on camera? OH GOD, WHERE IS MY MAKE UP?! Erm, well, anyway, people describe me as a very passionate, and for some reason, an eccentric individual. Sounds hefty for an 18 year old, right? Well, why am I so passionate? Well, a person named Oumagae told me that its because I get angered too easily by the littlest things. Who is she to tell me that I have an anger problem?! Shame on her for living!! On the other hand though, she also told me that I'm pretty emotional in general; whether it is I'm too kind, or that I'm too sad, and so on. You might also be wondering why I'm also so eccentric. People have always told me: "Rachel! Your insanity is one of a kind!" Those banana heads...I would think that the only time I was crazy was when I was too obsessed with paw pads (I'm still am though). Haha...well, this is embarrassing to talk about myself, but I'm also kind of a scatterbrain. Yes, even I admit it, leave me alone. I'd always forget a pokemon's moveset; for example, how was I supposed to know that a Pikachu can learn Thunderbolt? WHO MAKES UP THIS DRIBBLE? Also, I break every machine easily. Like for baby brother's last Game boy? BUT! I KNOW I CAN DO IT! I'm also learning how to cook from my mother; next up in my lunch menu? Octopus pie! With real live octopuses! So you know your eating it fresh. Can't wait to try it, right? I'd be always there for my friends. Except when I can trade them for a quarter; then I say: 'Push off, losers!' Hah, well, when comes around, goes around I suppose. I can warm up and be open to people more easily. I don't understand why people prefer popularity over eccentricity; popularity is waaaaay overrated, in my opinion. So! I love my eccentricity, and YOU SHALL TOO!

History: "...Wait, are you STILL here? Would you get out for a scooby snack? Okay, okay, want my history? Fine. I was born in the tranquil city of Blackthorn; which is located in Johto; my father, a successful business consultant with the Silph co. company, whilst my mother was an aspiring pokemon researcher and off-time breeder. I was the youngest of three, having an older brother and sister and given the significant age difference between the two sisters and their elder brother, whom had long begun his pokemon journey when I was barely six years of age; my sisters had a tendency to be favored. Whilst on the exterior of my family seemed peaceful, my father was frequently called out of the region which caused an increasing strain upon the marriage as neither was willing to sideline their work.

Initially I would cling to older siblings, however while in the beginning my brother would regularly return home, this gradually became a rarity due to his increasing accomplishments as a trainer allotting him access to distant lands. My older sister would attempt to fill this void, albeit it was short lived as my parents would part company although neither was able to admit such was permanent. Unfortunately, my sister was for the time being forced to move with my father whilst I remained with my mother.

This arrangement was particularly difficult upon myself, who idolized my siblings and with my sister venturing into coordinating; we had little time to keep in touch. Additionally, Blackthorn was well known to produce quite elite trainers, who specialized in Dragon pokemon, thus I was sometime shunned for seemingly withdrawn and introverted personality as it was an indication of weakness by some. So, I decided to be a little quirker; to show off my eccentricity, and prove the world how good of a battilier I can be. Or not be. HEY! THAT WAS SHAKESPEARE! I WIN! Anway, time would pass and I, all of only sixteen would come across an injured Feebas and although nervous of the pokemon, I decided to care for it whilst it recovered. Such was to become my first step into the world of pokemon training…

Okay, now get lost-- I mean, bye.
...No really, get lost."

Pokemon 1
Species: Milotic (F)
Nickname: Amer

Background: Milotic was found, as a Feebas in the outskirts of Blackthorn; near the Dragon's Den. When Rachel found it, Feebas was hurt pretty badly. The cause was known, but Rachel still decided to take care of it. A few days later, Feebas was in good health. Rachel was still a beginner with pokemon then, so she decided that this Feebas was going to be her first pokemon. With a year of training, and battiling against a few gyms and trainers, Feebas evolved into a Milotic, and thus, Rachel gave it the nickname: "Amer" named after her beloved sister.

Personality: Milotic is actually a bratty pokemon; Milotic have a tendency yo be very beautiful pokemon, so Amer the Milotic have a tendancy to show off its beautifulness, porving itself to be more superior to other pokemon. In battle, Milotic is a pretty powerful pokemon, and thus, it gets over-confident at times too.
Moveset (up to 6): Twister, Recover, Mirror Coat, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail,

Pokemon 2 –
Species: Gabite (M)
Nickname: Octopus

Background: Still a beginner pokemon trainer, Rachel found Gabite as a Gible, in the Ice Cave near Blackthorn City. Now, the Ice Cave was quite an unorthodox location for a Gible to appear, which intrigued Rachel. Gible was a little feisty pokemon, however; it demanded battles from all the pokemon it met up with, and knocked out each one from what Rachel saw. Rachel eventually decided to face the Gible with her Feebas, however, she forgotten that Feebas only learned two moves: Splash and Tackle. Splash was useless, so she had to go with Tackle for the match. The Gible was tough however; it knew moves such as Bite and Sand Tomb, which overwhelmed Rachel's Feebas. Rachel then thought of a strategic move. She threw a rock at the Gible, distracting it. Yeah, nice strategic move, right? Which led the way for her Feebas to unleash a Tackle attack against it, knocking it out. Rachel then threw a Pokeball at it, thus capturing it. After a year of training, and gym battling, Rachel gave it the nickname "Octopus" based from her signature cooking dish: Octopus Pie.

Personality: Gabite is a hot-blooded pokemon; always rushing in to do battles. It also loves sparkiliy things...It would pause in a middle of a battle to stare at something shiny; for example, one day it saw a skarmory sparkiling against the sun.

Moveset (up to 6): Sand Tomb, Slash, Flamethrower, Outrage


RP Sample:

Blackthorn City was always peaceful. Thus, it was giving the nickname: "A Quiet Mountain Retreat". Blackthorn City was also home to many Dragon Type Trainers, on account of they challenge the Blackthorn City Gym, and its leader, Clair, who specialize in Dragon-Type pokemon. It was also home of the fabled Dragon's Den, where many Dragon-type pokemon and other types of pokemon are home to.
One day...

"This battle will now begin with the challenger , and the Blackthorn City gym Leader, Clair using two pokemon each! When both pokemon of one side are unable to battle, the battle is over! In addition, only the challenger is allowed to substitute pokemon during battle!"

The Blackthorn City gym was spacious; its roof was cut off to allow pokemon that are able to fly, fly frreely, and the gym's floor had a pool of water with many platforms on it to allow pokemon to stand on, even in the body of water. A gym match was about to begin. Clair stared heavily at her opponent; the challenger of the match. After a few brief moments, Clair finally spoke.

"You. State your name."

The challenger had a red hat on. She also had a red coat, with a black and white mini-dress. She wore black socks with red shoes to match her outfit. She slowly raised her head, to reveal her face that her hat covered. She finally replies to Clair after a while. "The name's Bond. James Bond." The challenger said with her face revealed. Clair blinked. "...I was under the impression that James is a males name. You are female, are you not?" She asked. Rachel got embarrassed. "OKAY, OKAY, my name is Rachel. Rachel Yane. But come on! That James Bond bit is cool!! PURE. GOLD." Clair closed her eyes in utter dis-amusement. "I could care less," she replied. "NOW! I, Clair, am the worlds best Dragon-type master--" "Liar." Rachel interrupted. "What... did you just say...?" Clair said, displeased. "EVERYONE and their mom knows that Lance is the worlds best Dragon master. He's the Johto champion for Machop's sake." "FORGET HIM," Clair said angrily. "I am the true dragon master in this case -- in your case. Understand?" Rachel rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Sure. Whatever." She said with pity. "Good," Clair said. "Now! As the Gym Leader, I will use my full power against any opponent! Choose your first pokemon!"

Rachel started to hesitate, as she juggled her first pokemon in its pokeball unintentionally, until she grabbed a hold of it. "Alright! Octopus the Gabite! Lets get going!" She announced as the pokeball started to open; revealing in a white light, her Gabite, one Rachel nicknamed Octopus, because it reminded her on how much she enjoys cooking those Octopus Pies she loves to bake. "Gaaaaaabite!" Octopus cried as it revealed itself. Clair chuckled. "Octopus is the name you gave to a dragon-type pokemon?" she mocked. "That is a disgrace to the majestic Dragon pokemon!" Rachel was uninterested on what Clair had to say. "Oh blah, blah, blah," she sassed. "Nicknames aren't important! Lets get this showdown over with!" Clair sent out one of her pokemon. "I chose you...Dragonair!" she said as her famous Dragonair appeared. "Dragonair!" it quickly cried upon arrival. Rachel never fought with a Dragonair before, even with all the Dragon pokemon she faced in the last year when she first became a pokemon trainer. So this was a first.

"Dragonair vs. Gabite..." the referee said. "Let the battle...BEGIN!" Gabite! Use Slash attack!" Rachel ordered as Gabite obeyed. It started running, skipping across the platforms, towards the awaiting Dragonair sitting in the pool. "Dragonair! Use Agility to dodge!" Clair ordered. Dragonair's gem on its neck glowed. Its body glowed, which then "zip" it dodged Octopus's Slash attack before it could even reached. Dragonair was faster than the eye could follow. Gabite stumbled a little in mid-air, as it finally got its closure, and managed to land on its feet on a nearby platform. "Agility doubles my Dragonair's speed!" Clair explained. "Now watch this! Dragonair! Use agility to get behind your foe!" Rachel hesitated. "Octopus! Watch out behind you!" But it was too late. Dragonair was faster than Octopus could react. "Dragonair, Dragonbreath!" Clair ordered by then. "Dragon...breath...?" Rachel questioned. "Ew, Clair, has this have anything to do with your breath?" "Laugh all you want," Clair said. "Dragonbreath is a powerful Dragon-type move that sometimes paralyzes your opponent! NOW! Draognair! Continue your attack!" "Octopus! Dodge it!" Rachel tried to command. Octopus was about to jump to dodge the incoming attack, stopped. It stared at the blue jewel placed on Dragonair's neck. It was in complete awe. This came from Octopus's fascination of shiny things. Meanwhile, Dragonair's blue jewel glowed. It released a blue-green gas towrds Octopus that ultimately numbed Octopus's entire body. "Now, Dragonair! Iron Tail!" Clair commanded. Dragonair's tail glowed; it used its tail to slam on to the numb Gabite, causing it to crash onto the nearby wall. Octopus stumbled and wobbled, then it slumped and hit hard against the floor.

"Gabite is unable to battle!" the referee said. "Dragonair is the winner!" "Return, Octopus!" Rachel gauntly said. She had almost forgotten Gabite's true weakness to shiny objects. perhaps if he blinded Octopus's eyes, that would it make it all better. At least, that's what she thought. "Choose your final pokemon!" Clair suggested. "Lets see you get a taste of Amer the Milotic!!" Rachel said as she threw another pokeball. This time, the Pokeball revealed a Milotic nicknamed Amer, from that name was the name of Rachel's sister, the one who she lost contact with after her parents got a divorce. "Milotic vs Dragonair!" the referee stated. "Let the battle...begin!" "Amer! Use Ice Beam!" Rachel called out as Amer obeyed. It swiftly swiched the hairs it has and released a blue beam from its mouth. "Dodge with Agility!' Clair once again ordered; as Dragonair, once again had enough speed to dodge Amer's Ice Beam, all thanks to Agility. "You can try, and try, but your attacks will never reach my Dragonair!" Clair stated as Rachel started to sweat. "My Dragonair however, can greatly damage your Milotic! Now Dragonair! Thunderbolt!" With Dragonair's blue jem started to glow again, it released a bolt of energy towards Amer. "You're finished!!" Clair explained. "Not with the power of god-modding!" Rachel explained. "Amer! Use Mirror Coat to bounce it back!" Clair was surprised. "M-Mirror Coat?!" she shrieked. "Mirror Coat is a move that bounces special moves right back at double the power!" Rachel smiled. "Well, la dee da, you know how the move works!" Rachel chuckled. "I promise to give you a cookie after this battle!" In any case, Amer activated a special pink barrier which defected Dragonair's Thunderbolt, right back at the Dragonair, at twice the power. Dragonair cried in pain as after the blow, the Thunderbolt resulted in paralysis. Clair could only watch in anguish as Rachel commanded Amer's next move: "Use Ice Beam!" Which Dragonair couldn't dodge this time, because of the paralyzing hax. Dragonair stumbled and crashed on the pool water it was swimming on. It stopped moving.

"Dragonair is unable to battle!" the referee announced. "Milotic is the winner!" While was jumping up and down like a lunatic on caffeine, Amer didn't seem to care; it swayed its red hairs back and forth to prove it won the match with more style. Clair returned her Dragonair back into its pokeball. "Not bad," she complimented. "But don't celebrate just yet! Next I choose...Kingdra!" Clair sent out her final pokemon, a Kingdra. "Dra...Dra!" it cried upon arrival. It was swimming in the pool of water. "Kingdra vs Milotic... Let the battle...begin!" the referee announced. "Amer! Use Ice Beam!" Rachel ordered as once again Amer delivers a Ice Beam. "Dive underwater to dodge!" Clair cried out as Kingdra complied. It dove underwater which led the Ice Beam completely off its mark. "Now, use... HYPER BEAM!" Clair ordered. "Oh...crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapCRRRRRRAP!" Rachel panicked as Kingdra rose and released a powerful orange beam. "...that's what I WOULD of said If I didn't have this! Amer! Mirror Coat!" Amer once again put up the same pink barrier to deflect Kingdra's hyper beam right back. "Oh please, I'm not falling for THAT again," Clair explained. "Dive underwater to dodge!" Kingdra obeyed, which again, the re-bounced Hyper Beam completely missed it. "Hmph...what are you going to do now?" Clair said. "You can't mirror coat forever! And even if your Milotic was able to reach my kindra underwater, my kingdra's speed FAR out-passes it!!" Rachel started to think. "Well FINE! I WONT INVITE YOU TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY ANYMORE!" Rachel pouted. "Amer! use Ice beam on the pool!" Clair got confused. "The...pool?" Milotic obeyed, which its released blue beam striked the pool, freezing it, causing the surface to be completly blanketed by frozen ice. Kingdra couldn't move from where it was swimming. "Oh...OH NO!" Clair cried. "Now Amer!" Rachel started to order. "Move in and use Aqua Tail!" Amer slithered its way to the suspended Kingdra as its tail glowed with 2 aqueous rings. Amer then use its tail to slam down he top of Kingdra's head as hard as it could, causing the ice to break. Kingdra was hit so hard that it sunk a little, then it floated back up. It stopped moving. "Dra..." it tried to cry out.

"Kingdra is unable to battle! Milotic wins! So! The victor is...Rachel!" "VVVVVVVVICTORY SCREECH!!" Rachel yelled happily after winning the match. "Please...don't," Clair begged. "Just take the stupid badge and go. Its the Rising Badge." "Can a victory pose?" Rachel asked in glee. "DO IT OUTSIDE!" Clair yelled.

Meanwhile...right outside the blackthorn gym, a mysterious man was wearing binoculars, seeming to have watched the battle between Rachel and Clair. "She's perfect..." he mumered.

Rachel exited the gym, holding her Rising Gym badge in the air. This was her 8th gym badge; she had aquired all of the Johot gym badges. Rachel was actually a trainer not but about two years ago, training non-stop with her two pokemon: Octopus the Gabite, and Amer the Milotic. Rachel wa'ted to finally get back home, until...the man who was watching her appeaerd right before Rachel's eyes. He had a black suit, with black pants and sunglasses; you know, the ones that those "O-M-G I AM AN IMPORTANT AGENT" guys wear. "Who are you?!" Rachel asked, suprised. "And...why should I care." "...You don't need to know who I am," the mysterious man replied. "But...I know you. I have been watching your battle skills for some time now--" HOW DARE YOU WATCH ME TAKE A SHOWER!!" Rachel yelled. "Um...I said your battiling. Leisure time, I can care less about. But in any case, I am part of a organization concerned about the natural disaters happening in parts of this world."

This was true; natural occurances were happening so much lately. Last time as Rachel can recall, there was a small hurricane near Cherrygrove City, as well as a small tsunami near Olivine City. What Rachel is about to hear, however...was something that carried on to her mind. "We suspect it has something to do with...Arceus." Rachel got confused. She had never heard of a pokemon named Arceus. "What's an...Arceus?" she asked softly. " it delicious?" "Arcues is said to be the god of all pokemon," the man replied. "Its a supposed legend, but...we suspect it may be the cause of all this." Rachel looked down. She was worried about Arceus. What if the natural disaters was to happen towards the peaceful Blackthorn City? "How would you like to join us?" the man asked briefly. Rachel didn't know what to say. This was asked out of the blue; straight from winning her final gym badge. Rachel closed her eyes, wondering in though. What would her mother say? What would her siblings say? Then...

"Will there be cake there?," she asked. "DAMN IT, I can't do heroic stuff without my cake." "...Yes, I promise there will be cake," the man promised. "My treat. "ALRIGHT THEN! SIGN ME UP FOR...WHATEVER IT IS YOU GUYS ARE GOING!" Rachel said excited. "WHO DO I BEAT UP FIRST?!" "You will go Mistralton City in the Unova region," the man said. "The ferry leaves tomorrow to go to the airport with your first mission. Good luck." Rachel thought it would be best not to tell her family and get involved in this. Soon, she went to the local mart and bought some supplies for the trip. "That will be 100 yen," the clerk said. "...Rip-off artist." Rachel insulted while she handed over the money. The day after, she arrived at the Oilvine City Port, where she found the boat leaving for for the airport. She managed to get aboard, but she almost forgot her ticket because she wanted to play rock, paper, sicssors with the local Magnemites. However, she then realized that Magnemites HAD no hands, so she just went aboard. "We will be arriving in the airport in 15 minutes." the announcement said.

During the ferry ride, Rachel had all the time to think about her decision. She always loved her siblings, as well as her parents, so she thought it was wrong to leave them behind. She glanced at the pokeballs of her two pokemon: Amer the Milotic and Octopus the Gabite, wondering how she should tell though about her decision. 15 minutes later, she arrived at the airport where she found the airplane leaving for Mistralton City in the Unova region. "We will be arriving in Mistralton City in a few hours," the announcement said. "HEY LADY!" Rachel yelled. "WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PEANUTS? I mean come on! Air rides aren't complete without them."

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