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Good enough? Let me know if I need to add, change, delete anything.


Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 17

Character's look:
-Hair: Long, black hair. Usually wears it up using chopsticks.
-Eyes: Black, almond shaped.
-Clothes: Wears all black, a black t-shirt and black jeans that are easy to move around.
-Height: 5'4"
-Weight: 103lbs

Personality: Miharu is a close guarded person. She doesn't really talk and when she does; she says something sarcastic, something "brutally honest", or points out things about you that you don't want anyone to know or nobody knows about them. She is fairly paranoid and does not give out her trust easily. However, when she can see that someone is telling the truth, she relaxes just a bit in their sight, sometimes letting go of the blank mask she wears. If one can go underneath her mask, one could see that she does have emotions and has a wicked sense of humor, although many may not get her jokes. She is very responsible and if given a job, she will finish it. She is also very respectful to her elders unless she sees something in them that does not warrant her respect.

History: Miharu was born in Pallet Town, Kanto. She grew up with only her mother, she didn't know where her father was. When she was ten, instead of starting out in Kanto, she went to Sinnoh in order to start out. Before she left, her mother had given her a Ralts with Confusion as her starter pokemon. She named the Ralts Bishamon and went on her journey.

She then started defeating each league, having defeated them all (including the Battle Frontiers) when she was 16. After beating all of the gym leaders, however, she never went to the tournament at the end of the eight gym badges. Instead, she would move on to do the next region. She liked that she was nameless, she didn't need any unwanted attention.

After defeating the last Battle Frontier, she had heard about the Unova region and tried her luck there. She did beat all the gyms, but in true fashion, she did not compete at the end of the league tournament. After that, she went back to her home town and was about to petition to the Pokemon League if she could create an optional gym at Pallet Town when she got the letter saying she was invited to the Semicentennial Grand tournament. Miharu decided that it would be good if she could actually go and here she is, at the tournament.

Pokemon & their attacks:

Name: Bishamon
Type: Gallade
-Brick Break
-Night Slash

Name: Nightmare
Type: Gengar
-Shadow Ball
-Toxic Jab*
-Dark Pulse

Name: Kaida
Type: Dragonite
-Dragon Dance
-Aerial Ace
-Dragon Claw

Name: Nami
Type: Gyarados
-Dragon Dance
-Ice Fang

Name: Sabaku
Type: Nidoking
-Toxic Wave**
-Brick Break
-Rock Slide

Name: Iwa
Type: Tyranitar
-Stone Edge
-Ice Beam

Auxiliary pokemon and their moves(3 max):

Name: Satoshi
Type: Togekiss
-Aura Sphere
-Extreme Speed

Name: Aka
Type: Arcanine
-Extreme Speed
-Thunder Fang
-Dragon Pulse

Name: Nari
Type: Jolteon
-Shadow Ball
-Lightning Trap**

*Toxic Jab is pretty much a Poison Jab, except the poison is the move Toxic.
**Toxic Wave is the same as Sludge Wave, except the poison (or sludge) in the move is Toxic.
***Lightning Trap is when Jolteon unleashing electricity around hereslf. If it is not a ground type (or another pokemon with Volt Absorb/Motor Drive) then it will take damage if it gets hit by the electric current. It also has the same power as a Thunderbolt, so one might not want to get with that again, trapping it. However, this does make Nari tired and it is only used when Miharu is desperate. Although, Miharu hasn't figured out that if Nari does get tired after using it, Nari could just walk into the "Lightning Trap" herself and heal with her Volt Absorb...Hmm, idea. =P
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