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Name: Seth Resse
Age: 20
Character's look:

Seth was born on Six Island of the Sevii Islands. The first ten years of his life were pretty normal by most standards. At age ten his father caught a Smeargle to be Seth's first pokemon. A year later Seth left the Sevii Islands to journey through Johto then Kanto. After competing at the Indigo Plateau twice (he lost the first time, won the second), Seth returned to the Sevii Islands for a few years, before, again, venturing out to other Regions. Seth never again took part in gym challanges. He did however travel to the other three regions, and captured and trained pokemon from all three. He now travels to Mount Hyjal to test his worth as a pokemon trainer.

Pokemon & their attacks:

1) Whimsicott
Nicknamed: Asahi
Moves: Hurricane, Giga Drain, Toxic, Growth

2) Flygon
Nicknamed: D.
Moves: Fly, Sand Attack, Dragon Claw, Sandstorm

3) Rapidash
Nicknamed: Mare
Moves: Bounce, Flame Charge, Sunny Day, Flame Wheel

4) Smeargle
Nicknamed: Picasso
Moves: Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Spider Web, Substitute

5) Rampardos
Nicknamed: Sai
Moves: Zen Headbutt, Head Smash, Smack Down, Earthquake

6) Ninjask
Nicknamed: Shinobi
Moves: Double Team, Baton Pass, X-scissor, Swords Dance

Auxiliary pokemon and their moves(3 max): N/A

Not finished yet.
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