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UPDATE: "Hiro - Cell Shading Attempt", "Pantan Concept", and "My Dunsparce, Uchino & Noko" added.

Hiro - Cell Shading Attempt: My effort to cell shade my previously-submitted OC, Hiro. Also, I finally figured out what to make him. He is a human, but he is also a bounty hunter/alchemist. This may change in the future, but it's the only thing I can come up with for the time being.

Pantan Concept: A fakemon that I had came up with a while back, but had never made any artwork of, other than a sprite. Pantan was based on one of my cats that passed away last August, Pan. He is a maine coon.

My Dunsparce, Uchino and Noko: Uchino is my main Dunsparce in Pokemon LeafGreen. She is a Modest-natured Special Attacker. Noko is my main Dunsparce in Pokemon HeartGold. He is a shiny Adamant-natured Physical Attacker. Their nicknames are derived from the creature Dunsparce is based on, tsuchinoko.

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