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Quote originally posted by GamerFilio:
#org $script
checkflag 0x1200
if 0x01 goto $done
message $talk
$talk 1 = I got you an Eevee for your\n birthday. Be responsible!
boxset 6
givepokemon 133 5 0x8B
setflag 0x1200
setflag FR_POKEDEX
applymovement 1 $move
$move 1 ; #binary 0x12 0xFE
pausemove 0x0000

I'm kinda newbie. KINDA.
But that's the only script I can't get right. Do I have to put in boxset or something?
Try and replace FR_PKMNMENU with 0x828 and FR_POKEDEX with 0x829.
Hope it works
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