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Quote originally posted by Sarcastic Prince:
Hey, Naruto Actor, do you still remember me?
I am Ruka Prince with a changed username.

May I apply as this Hack's grammar corrector/spelling mistake corrector?
Yes, and since I already know your reliable, I don't need anything. I will edit the first post later. Welcome in.

Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
D: This hack look so awesome ;3
I've also noticed the name of the professor ... Layton xD Professer layton is awesome :D
And the zelda tiles and the bridge is awesome :D This is defanatily a hack worth playing when it is released :3
Thanks, Im glad you get some of the references, there are many others.

Quote originally posted by Meri-tje:
I checked this thread a couple of times before
And I keep checking back on it because it really looks interesting!

The new stuff looks great too!, but I didn't expect anything else =)
Hope to see a release soon for this!
Keep at it!
Thank you. Im glad you like my hack
~There are those people who understand hex, F the rest