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FourCartridge's RP thread is accepted.

's RP thread is accepted.

s Rp thread is accepted.

's RP thread is denied for now. Interesting concept xD As long as you aren't making the mods seem completely evil... I want you to describe the setting a bit more. Where will we be playing? What does the land look like or what people live there? And ADD a roleplay rating. Info can be found in the rules. Post your thread again if you want to change these things. (VM me if you want me to PM you the post, in case you haven't saved it on your computer)

jarchio's RP thread is denied. The plot and all is way too short. Please read the RP rules, found in a sticky thread on top of the RP Corner forum.

miley810's RP thread is denied. The plot is a bit loose and short, and you aren't really describing what the point of the RP will be.

FallenAngelSilver's RP is pending until you VM me promising to add a rating as soon as the RP thread is up.

justmaee's thread is denied because... well, it's a cool idea, but we usually want more advanced things here and a chat thread isn't really fitting. You could try posting it over in the Pokémon Manga/Comics section of PokéCommunity though.


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