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Originally Posted by Zeffy View Post
There are also a bunch of 18+ fanfics allover the internet, but I'd rather not talk about that here.

I've read a bunch of fanfics like that, and a lot of Draco being homosexual too.

Don't forget about English words! Like snogging! Oh my god that word sounds awesome! xD
Ugh. *shudders* They're everywhere. -_-

Oh, there's too many of them!! D:

Yep, sounds better than "making-out".

Originally Posted by TheSmartOne
I've seen... some of them. /doesn't use's filter for fear of missing good plot

I've seen many a good fic, though, mainly about alternate futures and such. Generally featuring Harry breaking up with Ginny and having a rather different life.

/not a HarryxGinny fan. Or a Ginny fan in general.
They need to drastically change their search engine. It's not very easy to use, even if you want to find some really good fanfics that are hidden for so many years.

There's certainly a lot of interesting stories if you know where to look.

What's your most favourite thing about Harry Potter?

What a vague question. :P Yes fantasy, character development, the hidden double-entendres, need I go on?