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[Working Title]


Estimated at 1%

Battle engine with rudimentary AI is being programmed.

Hello, I'm Magicsaur, and I'm new to this place. I'm a bored self-taught programmer artist animator, and I'm interested in all the fangame projects around here, so I'm joining in with my own. C:

Project Axis is a simple 3D Pokemon fangame project I am creating by myself in some of my free time. I will use this thread to post development screenshots and progress on my little fangame.

Developed With
3D Rendering - Ogre3D Rendering Engine
Core Game - C++
User Interface - Flash CS4 & ActionScript 3
Flash UI Rendering - Hikari Library
Art - GIMP
Models & Animation - Blender 3d

Basic Story/Premises
[Work In Progress]
Axis takes place in Kanto, five years after the events of Black and White. Various new species of Pokemon have been discovered in distant lands and have either been brought or have migrated to Kanto, where some have proliferated and spread throughout the region. Some of these new Pokemon have disrupted the natural ecosystems of the native Kanto Pokemon, causing changes in this world.

You are the child of a scientist who is studying the effects of climate change on Kanto, at the respectable Pewter Museum of Science. Living in Viridian City, you are 16 years old, and still have not yet received a Pokemon.

One day, a Pokemon-related crisis occurs at Pewter Museum, where you are currently visiting. Attempting to help, you grab one of three different starter Pokemon, which happened to be sitting in the lab. To your astonishment, this is not your typical Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle as you thought, it's a highly classified new Pokemon. You fight off the crisis, demonstrating your skill as a Pokemon trainer. Thanks to your skills, before you know it, you are sent off by the Pewter Museum with this new Pokemon to travel throughout Kanto, in order to discover the cause behind Kanto's climate changes and strange Pokemon migrations.

Development Screenshots
Coming Soon
User Interface

Battle User Interface WIP

3D Pokemon so far

My plan is to have all 151 Kanto Pokemon eventually, with some other Pokemon from other generations thrown in.

Magicsaur - All programming/scripting, user interface, 3D modeling, animation, everything.


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