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Silver was bored, and the warehouse was locked, although he had a strange feeling about it. Nothing else was very interesting in the city, although he did manage to get a pokemon to explain the water cannons on the wall. He also wasn't able to find Kent Reed. Hmm, what do I do now? Well, I suppose a walk in the woods would be fine. After all, I am feeling much better. And with that, the absol walked through the gate and into the woods. I am able to take care of myself, just a walk in the woods should be easy.

Eventually he came to a cabin in the woods. He stayed behind a tree, wondering who would live in a cabin like this. As he watched, he saw a Lucario, not the one from yesterday look out the window a couple times. Well, Silver thought, I mihgt as well introduce myself. And with that he started to walk towards the cabin.
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