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Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
Land > Wonders
Napoleon still can't be trusted, so going for a cultural victory would be heavily relying on luck. Meanwhile, Gandhi sits on your border with probably a horribly insufficient military and enjoys his pretty good land. If you would have invested these wonder hammers into units, either Gandhi would be toast or your western territories could have been reclaimed.
I do play way too passively, but those wonders are so shiny and interesting!

And there are still 69 more turns left before we catch up, so I'm going to be grouping "updates" together at times to catch up faster.


Doing a double update for fun:

Game 1 Update 16: Chichen Itza

I have completed another wonder.

Yeah, this should help against Napoleon.

Interesting offer, against my better judgement, I'll take it. I could always use more gold and those plantations will come in handy.

My primary goods from the deal.

Interesting offer. What else ya got?

Nothing of interest. I'll go for your original offer.

This will help out economically.

My cities spawn these guys like crazy.

And here's my newest city.

Oh, look, Judaism spread again.

End update 16.

Game 1 Update 17: Technological Acquisitions

And now the Moai Statues have been completed.

This technology is important. It leads to Liberalism indirectly.

First, though, let's get us a religion.

Now to build an Archer.

Vladivostok will need plenty of culture to pressure any French cities.

How about no?

I think I took this deal. I have a fascination with building Forges.

And now I need to spend time building an Aqueduct in Moscow because of that green face.

And we'll finish off this update with a refusal of Open Borders.

End Update 17.
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