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Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
The victory goes to Smile! Pikapal was kinda losing anyway.

Next round is a special round since its the fifth!
--------------------Round 5!--------------------------
Squad 11------------------Vs.------------------Squad 12
Captain Charizard★----------- Captain I like Pokemon (...)
Lieutenant Kamiya-chan-------Lieutenant Rasencero------
Do I get a cookie as a prize?

Hmm. First, I'd need to see their BDC. Zam?
Then I might do it. XD

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
@ Smile!: Awesome Fullbring!
So people can't move away until the thing has been completed. But what if for example you and I battle/are battling against someone (If you forgot, in one word my Fullbring is "light") and I, by accident move at high speed/speed of light through your 2m radius, what would happen? Do I just stop, because I can't get out? Light moves faster than sound, so the line wouldn't even be finished, so does it still count?
Mhm. That. It depends on when you happen to pass the range. If you pass when a certain word is said, then you'd have to act out the lyric. If you pass during a gap between 2 words, then even though a line is sung, you'd be excluded.

btw, can I have the link to your Fullbring?

Quote originally posted by I like Pokemon (...):
I normally like kitkats.
I do as well :3

Quote originally posted by Merciless Cremator:
Also My next post should be My squad page.
Should be the same for me, or maybe 2/3 posts after this. Finally, Zam! XD

btw, anyone knows when the Hell movie is gonna be subtitled? :3