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Quote originally posted by Atomic Reactor:
Haha thank the lord that Tyrogue learns more than Tackle XD
And I think turquoise bay sounds neat
Yeah! Testing showed that only having Tackle wasn't the best idea... Turquoise bay? Alright.

Quote originally posted by Masterge77:
I am going with the Turquoise Bay update.

Quote originally posted by DarkDoom3000:
Cool update, was wondering what had happened.

An update which talks about some of the planned features that might appear later on.
Thanks, and alright.

Quote originally posted by Zephyr+:
Oh man, I love this game. I love the premise, I love the presentation, I love the faux-retro aspect of it all. This is soooo cool. :D

Looking forward to the next update, ideally the one that showcases future features! Sure, eyecandy is nice and all, but I want to know what the game will be like for when I actually play it.
Features? Alright. And thanks for the kind words!

Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
I love this game so much ... I'm going to ~~~S~U~B~S~C~R~I~B~E~~~
To it :3 An download when availible XD
Thanks, I want to get an alpha going soon, but I want it to have enough progress at the same time.

Quote originally posted by Magicsaur:
GSC style is loooooove. Awesome project!!


So we're at a tie... 2-2 on Turquoise Bay and features... I was hoping maybe somebody would break this tie or something, but I guess I have to bump it haha. And I suppose it's worth mentioning that the 'features' update will mostly be concepts at this point, since Tyrian is slowly making progress, but not enough for all the things I want to be in it at the moment. (I mean, I'm not putting in a whole whack of features from the get go ) It might include some drawings or something, but mostly words. Words words words. It's kind of a common theme with this project.

I'll also be posting a blog entry at some point this weekend... It's probably more of a rant, but whatever.

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